Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cork Board Bills

I find that I am forgetful of things that are out of sight and my bills are no different so I've been reading up to find solutions that will help me stay focused on when my non auto pay bills have been paid.  

One post I found that was this one from Lovely Little Things It inspired me enough to actually create my own index cards that I added to my dining room cork board. Now my roommate and I will brake to keep track of when to pay our shared bills without having our account details out in the open.

I simply gather a blue med point sharpie and a few index cards and noted the bill name on top, added a few dots for visual and then listed each month so I can check off each month as they are paid.  then I added 2014 at the bottom.  The large page on the bottom right is our last goodwill log.  I wanted it somewhere that it wouldn't get lost until we were able to drop off our donation. 

Well start this in the new year so hopefully all will go well with our financial goals.

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