Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Finding my Balance part 1

This last month I've haven't really felt like blogging so I've been mostly posting mini updates on instagram and facebook about what's been happening around the house, with my workouts, and any fit and happy eats that I think you'll enjoy.  I'm not sure if my lack of blogging has been a result of doing to much and I just haven't had much time to post more then just snip-its or if it's because I've been spending a lot more time reading about other bloggers lives as lately my bloglovin stream has been increasing.  I've really been enjoying reading about the new workouts and eats from The Purely Twins, and She Rocks Fitness, along with reading about organizing and home decor ideas from Bowl Full of Lemons, and Oh So Lovely.  

Living a Fit life
The Purely Twins have been where I've been spending most of my reading time lately, especially since they are new to my feed.  I've been drooling over Lori and Michelle's tasty eats, and after seeing their plantain pancakes, Salmon, Spinach and Mushrooms and plantain egg breakfast on instagram I want to buy some plantains.  I've also done a few of their plank based workouts on youtube, which have been very challenging.   I appreciate that they do the videos in real time so you can workout with them and not have to worry what move is next or setting a timer.  They also do a quick breakdown of all the moves before they start each workout. I find them to be similar to the original bodyrock.tv host Z, now at Zuzka Light, in the sense that they are easy to follow along with during the workouts despite their awkward video personalities. 

Outside of that I've been working on creating a balance with running, dancing, working on the house, and strength training, so I do not get burnt out.  I'm hoping that as I learn the balance it will allow me time to fit more of the things I love without feeling overwhelmed.  In the past I've have high expectations for myself, instead of being realistic and I tend to get depressed thinking about all the things I need and want to do and end up overworking my body.  This only results in being super sore and depressed and state and it gets harder each time to pull myself back out. 

I've started simply scheduling my workouts weekly.  This allows me to look at the week ahead and determine what workouts are best with the weather forecast and my evening schedule.  You can see my schedule so far for May and I've done very well at successfully completing all of my workouts. 

I plan to incorporate 2 running days, 2 HIIT days, a dance night, a practice night, and an active rest day / rest day.  By broadening my workouts I hope to build my balance, endurance and add variety in my workouts so I'm not running every day and ignoring my strength training.   

What are some ways you are helping to keep the balance in your fit life?

part 2: The Social Dancer (coming next Monday)
part 3: Home Care

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