Wednesday, May 18, 2016


I'M BACK…and ready to start blogging again.  Can you believe it after all this break, and I"m grateful for it, as it's been really hard trying to figure out how to start back up again, but today I found some inspiration to get me on the ball.

I'll keep it simple and say for now that it's been a long ride this past year and I'm very grateful to be pulling back the reins of the chaos in my life so I can move forward in focusing on my self-care again and sharing those adventures once more with you.

oh yes, and I've I've also been playing around with v-blogging and it's I'm not gonna lie, it's a bit intimidating and a whole new realm for me, but I promise once I figure out this whole editing dragon I"ll be posting a few videos each month.   A few that I've been working on while getting comfortable with the camera are updates on my new fitness challenge I've been doing.  You can check all the ladies who have joined into this 8-week challenge from the ladies at ToneItUp at their Instagram hashtag #tiubikiniseries.  It's really been inspiring seeing all the ladies posts.  

I'm also working on re-branding my Instagram page, really just trying to get some consistency in my posts, fonts and colors, and I'm pretty happy with how they are turning out.  I'm also looking at re-branding the website, but that will take a little while longer to complete.  

I've also been playing with some new filters from the VSCO app, and here's one of the results from it.  I love this shot.  It has all my favorite fitness colors, and is a great angle. 

Let me know your thoughts and feelings on me adding the v-blogging soon and how you like the new re-branding process and if you're already apart of the #tiubikiniseries or if you've just joined in.

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