Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cycle Me Happy

The more I traveled to D.C. the more I started to think about commuting via bicycle to work as a lot of my friends down south use their bikes or the metro more than they drive.  Considering my work is only 1.5 miles from my home and very few hills it only made scene to keep from adding mileage to my vehicle.  

I had been keeping an eye out on Craigslist the last few weeks, but the only prospect I found was a $300 10-yr old 40-lb black cruiser bike with a front basket in Frederick, MD and I'm sure if I keep looking I'll find something better.  

For some reason on May 30 had FINALLY decided to stop by Pedal Pushers, a local bike shop, to see what options they had available.  Who know's maybe I could find a new bike in a price range I was willing to pay.  However, my heart was only teased by this lovely mint Raleigh Route 3.0 that I fell in love, but the sticker price was still $435, then tack on the rail, basket, and paniers, your looking at closer to $600.  Maybe next year of when I make prove my bike riding skills worthy of such a nice bike or move to a nicer neighborhood where theft is not such an issue.

I did deicde to say a short prayer on my way home {how nice it would be if we could finally sell our elliptical & I could use my half toward buying this bike}.   The funny awesome timing was about this time a person had send an email inquiring about my elliptical, but I didn't notice the email until the next afternoon.   When I contacted them later that day the husband met me the next morning around 10am the next morning to test it.    He had to go back and talk to his wife.  He called the next day and said he and his wife would be there on Saturday to pick it up. I tell you what I was jumping out of my skin with excitement.    On Saturday they did so, and we had the cash in hand and an empty space where the elliptical had been.


My heart is happy knowing that the elliptical is going to a good home as well. The gentleman was trying the it for his wife who was specifically searching for a quality Precor. He was very impressed with the quality and smoothness of ours, especially for the price. He is receiving a quality machine for about half the price refurbished & I'm glad to bless such a lovely couple, especially one who is very grateful to have it. He will be stopping by later this evening to take it home.

 I'm in such aw & happiness that God has blessed me in such a wonderful and delightful way - as if it were fate that it should be sold at this moment in time. Now I can replace it with something worthy of it's location that I can use both indoors with a stationary attachment and outdoors when the sun is shining bright. OMG, it's finally happening I'm going to be buying a bicycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh happy day! 


Saturday morning, June 1, at 9am I went to a bike swap at a local ski and bike shop that a coworker had informed me of on Wednesday and it was a good thing, because I found this beauty for only $75.  It had everything I wanted, water bottle holder, bike rail, cruiser styl, and comfy.  The only thing I need now are paniers, which are over $100 for decent ones so they will have to wait.  

Breezer Freedom 2009 model

I had only been on my bike twice before my tire went flat, once on Monday I took it for 7 miles along the river park and the 2nd to work.  On day 3 I had taken it along the route I usually drive to work, instead of the park walking path and a 2" rusty nail had punctured my rear tire.  I was at the halfway point so I walked back home and swapped out the bike for my car.  It took a few days before I decided to go and DIY the tire, but I found a few videos that they really helpful, on how to change a flat tire and change a road bike tire and after I changed the tire and found out the the gear shifting problem was due to installing the rear shifter wrong I found this really helpful video on how to change a cruiser Shimano Internal 3 Speed Shifter & Rear Wheel.  Before this video I thought it was for the breaks.  I know pretty sad, but now I know better.   

update June 2013: 
As you can see my dining room is also being weeded out and the large objects are finding new homes.   We've had an commercial elliptical for a few years and it really wasn't something we were using so I'm pretty excited that it's now gone. 

October 2013:
Sadly, I haven't taken my bike out much since the flat tire incident, and for the last month it's been hanging next to the fridge in the kitchen on a new bike rack I found at Home Goods for $8.

I'd love to hear any of your bike riding experiences when your out and about.

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